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Expected Costs

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Several factors can influence the cost of fertility treatments. We recommend you review the following information when considering your treatment journey. If you have any questions about coverage or possible financing options, the Heartland team is here to help.

Every Path is Different

The initial consultation is critical and typically has no out-of-pocket costs. This will give you a broader picture of the available treatment options.

Depending on the fertility issue, your treatment path and its cost will vary. While certain conditions such as PCOS or TSH levels can be resolved using medication, other treatment paths might require small surgeries or multiple rounds of treatment, which would impact costs.

The best way for Heartland Fertility physicians to provide you with an accurate overview of your treatment plan is to schedule a first consultation so that we may fully evaluate your fertility needs.

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The only clinic eligible for the Manitoba Fertility Tax Credit for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services

Residents of Manitoba may find that fertility treatment can be relatively affordable. In Manitoba, a tax credit equivalent to 40% of the cost of treatment for assisted reproductive technology services is provided to residents, up to a maximum refund of $8,000 annually. When combined with existing medical expense credits from the province (10.8%) and the federal government (15%), a tax credit of up to 66% is available.

Heartland Fertility is currently the only provider in Manitoba where treatment is eligible for the tax credit. The credit applies to IVF, as well as to other treatments and prescription drugs prescribed by the accredited clinic for both partners involved in the fertility journey, if both need medical intervention.

For more information on Manitoba’s Fertility Treatment Tax Credit, learn more.

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