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A New Approach In Fertility.

The adoption of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss program in order to get pregnant.

The Fit-For-Fertility Program is an interdisciplinary lifestyle intervention targeting women with obesity and infertility.

It is integrated into the fertility clinic and supports participants to adopt a healthy lifestyle before conception and throughout pregnancy.

About This Study

The aim of this program is to encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss in order to get pregnant. Your participation involves 2 to 5 evaluation visits during 18 months at the research center.

Eligibility Requirements


What's Included In The Program?

  • Individual consultations with a kinesiologist and a dietician

  • Group sessions covering nutrition, healthy lifestyle and practice of several types of physical activity

What To Expect

After an evaluation of your eligibility in the program, you will be part of one of two groups:

  • Control Group - You will receive the usual treatments offered at the fertility clinic

  • Intervention Group - For the first 6 months, you will only have access to the Fit-For-Fertility program. After this period, you will begin the standard care offered at the fertility clinic, and continue the Fit-For-Fertility program

Evaluation Visits:

Both groups will be required to undergo 2 to 5 evaluation visits that will be approximately 2 hours in duration. The total duration of your participation will be 18 months, or until the end of your pregnancy.

  • Initial Visit

  • 6-Month Visit

  • 12-Month Visit

  • 18-Month Visit (Final Visit)

  • Pregnancy Visit (as soon as possible)

  • Pregnancy Visit (26 weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions

Neither you nor the research team will choose which group you will participate in. The assignment is made at random (like heads or tails).

In a pilot study conducted by our Sherbrooke's research team (Quebec province), which included 127 women, the same proportion of women became pregnant in the intervention group as in the control groups in the first 6 months of follow up.

For the Fit-For-Fertility program, all visits with health professionals are free.

For the research visits, financial compensation will be offered for the costs incurred.

This study is for current patients of Heartland Fertility or patients who have already received a physician referral to become a patient at Heartland.

We encourage you to contact us directly at or Banke Oketola from The Children's Hospital Research Institute at

Interested in participating in this study?

If you are a current patient at Heartland Fertility or a new patient that has a physician referral for Heartland Fertility, contact us today!

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