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An Important Message for Patients in the Artificial Reproductive Program From the Nursing Team

Date published: 03/17/2023

Posted by: The Heartland Fertility Team

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To our valued Patients who are currently in the Artificial Reproductive Program with the nursing team: We have recently found that the Medeo app is not allowing our patients to send messages into the Nursing group in a timely manner.

To ensure we maintain good communication and required information sharing, we have opened up our phone lines to receive messages.

Our URGENT line is 204-779-8888 ext. 246 - please use this line for:
- Cycle day 1s (period day one full flow) for TDI/IUI/FET/IVF programs
- A surge/ovulation/smile face for the TDI/IUI - call and leave your message BEFORE noon with the surge
- Patients who are less than 10 weeks pregnant and having bleeding/pain/concerns.

Our NON-URGENT line is 204-779-8888 ext. 233 - please use this line for all questions/concerns for the nursing team.

Each line will be triaged and the nursing team will message you back via a closed Medeo message.

Please note, you will be unable to message them back via Medeo until further notice. We thank you for your patience as we navigate this change.

Thank you,
The Heartland Nursing Team