Brianna & Paulo

February, 2024

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My husband and I always knew we wanted kids. It was definitely in our plans, so shortly after our wedding we started trying. After trying for a year, we asked for a referral to Heartland Fertility in hopes that they could help us grow our family. After tests, we found out I needed surgery on my uterus. After surgery, we tried again - no luck. So we went ahead with IUI's. We did 4 IUIs, which unfortunately, they all failed. After the fourth, we decided it was time to try IVF.  We were very lucky to have 34 eggs retrieved, 7 which were successful - 5 were euploid and 2 were low mosaics. We transferred the first embryo and got pregnant! We were over the moon, I remember saying to Paulo "I will never be sad again!"...little did I know. At 5.5 weeks I started subchronic hemorrhaging and we lost our baby. We were devastated. After the loss, we did our next transfer, we got pregnant again, but we lost our baby again, at around 6 weeks. We ended up transferring all of our euploid embryos and I got pregnant after each transfer, but they all ended in miscarriage. We had extra tests done but it all came back as unexplained loss.  We decided to do IVF again, we were lucky to get 2 euploid embryos and 4 low mosaic. We went ahead with another transfer. Just before, I had shared our story on my Instagram page and a women Paulo and I used to work with approached me and asked if we had ever considered surrogacy. We had it in the back of our minds but were still trying to be hopeful that I would get pregnant. She offered to be our surrogate if we decided to go that route - how amazing is that! So selfless, wow! We had our transfer a few days later and it was a success. Again, at around 6 weeks, we lost the baby. I didn't think I could go through another loss so we decided to take our friend up on her offer as our surrogate.  Shortly after that, the process had started. We spoke with the genetic specialist about our embryos to make the best choice and found out all of our low mosaics were transferable, so we went from having 2 embryos to 6. We talked and decided to try one more time while things were going ahead with our surrogate. We got pregnant again, I started bleeding at about 5.5 weeks and I thought, here we go again. We had bloodwork done and were asked to come in for an ultrasound at 6 weeks. We went in expecting the worst, but were incredibly surprised when we saw the little flutter of the heart and heard a heartbeat for the first time ever! We were shocked and cautious over the next few weeks. At 10 weeks, we told our surrogate and she was so excited for us. We knew we always wanted more than one baby and this may be our only chance to do so, so we asked if she would still go ahead as our surrogate. Without zero hesitation she said yes. On December 14th our little Archie was born, on December 25th we found our surrogate was pregnant!! It was the best Christmas gift.  So within 18 months, we went from having no babies to 2!! We now have our beautiful kiddos Archie and Annie, 9 months apart. Our hearts are so full and we wouldn't have our beautiful family without the generosity of our surrogate and the amazing help of all the staff at Heartland Fertility.  We will forever be grateful ❤️