The De Figueiredos’ Story

April, 2021

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I discovered that I wouldn't be able to conceive naturally when I was 41 years old, during the examination phase with Heartland Fertility. Both of my "tubes" were blocked, and only one got a little better after the exam with contrast. My first round of IVF resulted in two embryos but none of them survived. It was a very painful experience and I felt hopeless. But I knew it was possible to try more times, and that I could have another try before turning 43. The medications were adjusted, and we had two more embryos. The blood test confirmed that the treatment worked, and I was pregnant with twins. One of the babies didn't survive, and passed away within 11 weeks. But my son kept growing, and test by test, exam by exam it was showing that he was healthy and getting stronger. Now, it's been ten months and my life is complete. My mornings are made of smiles and giggles. I finally have the family I always dreamed of. This wouldn't happen if it weren't for the Heartland Fertility team, the doctors, the nurses, everyone had their part to make me feel protected throughout this challenging moment. Although I was scared, I always felt that I was in good hands and the best was being done. I hope my testimony can bring hope for those trying. You are in good hands and the best will happen.